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Matt Harris and the Irish Land War

Edenderry Historical Society welcomes Brian Casey, IRCHSS student at NUI Maynooth on 11 December in the Parish Centre at 8pm where he will speak on the role of Matt Harris and the Irish Land War. Brian will outline Harris' role in the movement countrywide. In Edenderry durng the Land War men such as Michael Costello (Ardbash House), George Patterson and Rev John Wyer were determined to thwart the power of the local landlords.

Edenderry and the Grand Canal

In 2003 Mairead Evans with the assistance of Therese Abbott after initial help from the late Noel Whelan put together Safe Harbour: The history of the Grand Canal at Edenderry. Now out of print and with few copies available this history of the grand canal is the best available source for what is Edenderry's most prominent landmark. Today the Grand Canal continues to be a source of popular enjoyment for local people; provides nostalgia of days gone by and is an integral part of the history of the town and its evolvement.

The book which is available in local libraries deals with the history of the building of the canal locally; the importance commercially to the locality and most importantly to the flora, fauna and wild life that exists on the canal.

Safe Harbour is a valuable local source and one which would be of immense benifit to local historians and students who wish to know more about inland navigation and the Grand Canal in the midlands. (The picture shows repair work on the Gra…

Edenderry Historical Society Oral & Visual Archive

Edenderry Historical Society in 2010 will begin the process of putting together an oral and visual archive of history and heritage from the locality. The material will hopefully cover all aspects of live in the 20th century and is been gathered so that future researchers will have the necessary material to paint the picture of life in the area over the past 100 years.
The archive will include the following:
- Interviews with people. A large scale interview process will begin in 2010
- A visual snapshot of the locality where people will be encouraged to donate photographs, images of all aspects of life
- The compilation of all known written sources about Edenderry & environs and there location

If you have any ideas, suggestions, material or would like to become involved in the project, please contact us at

Up Coming Lectures

20 November 2009 will see Naas man Liam Kenny deliver a lecture on Kildare men and the Boer War at 8pm in O'Donaghues, Edenderry.

Note that the last remaining copies of Images of Edenderry whcih would make an ideal christmas gift will be on sale on the night.

11 December 2009: Ballinasloe native and IRCHSS PhD student at NUI Maynooth Brian Casey will present a lecture on 'The Irish Land War and the role of Matt Harris' at 8pm in the Edenderry Parish Centre.

Several of the lectures for 2010 have already been lined up and includes a very special commemorative lecture in February. More details to follow.