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Successful launch of Carved in Stone

Successful launch of Carved in Stone

Almost one hundred people congregated at Edenderry Parish Centre last Friday evening (12 August) for the launch of Edenderry Historical Society’s book, Carved in Stone, a survey of over twenty local graveyards. Welcoming those in attendance Chairperson Cherry Carter stated that the society was very proud of the people involved in producing the book and that ‘we are all indebted to them’ for their efforts. She also noted how the book Carved in Stone would stand as a monument for generations to come.

Cherry Carter and indeed the other speakers on the night paid tribute to the dedicated team, spearheaded by Therese Abbott and Mary Fay, and ably assisted by Oliver Burke and Patience Pollard who set about the recording of headstones and markers. The late Noel Whelan had been instrumental in the original idea. They were assisted by previous research most notably by Seamus Rafferty. They were meticulous in the recording of data, revisiting sites time and…

Quiz zone

Some local historical questions. Answers please to

1. Name the priest that was hung at Edenderry for his part in the 1798 rebellion?

2. In what year did the Grand Canal last breech at Edenderry?

3. What is the name of the family that built Newberry Hall, Carbury?

4. Complete the missing name of owners of Edenderry. Colley, _______ and Downshire?

5. In Ciaran Reilly’s book ‘Edenderry 1820-1920’ who did he refer to as ‘Edenderry’s Parnell’?

6. Who were the religious order associated with Monasteroris Friary?

7. Name the families in the past associated with the following big houses locally




8. What landmark Edenderry building was built in 1826 and destroyed by fire in 1945?

9. ‘If you seek a monument look around’ refers to what building in Edenderry?

10. What building in Edenderry was 230 years old in 2008?