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2012 Lecture Series

17 February – AGM

23 March
Ciarán McCabe, 'Are you mad also?' - The murder of RIC Sergeant Michael Rogan and his family in Ballinadrumna, near Enfield, 1892’

20 April Rob Goodbody, The Quakers in Ireland

4-7 May: Bank Holiday Weekend: Annual trip to Fermanagh and Cavan

25 May Dr Terence Dooley, The Murders at Wildgoose Lodge: crime and punishment in pre- Famine Ireland

21 September
Seamus Farrell, A life behind the lens: Images of Edenderry

20 OctoberKevin Kenny, ‘Get down on your knees and pray for Shackelton': The life and times of Ernest Shackelton explorer

23 NovemberCiarán Reilly, The Dames family and the burning of Greenhills, Rhode 1923

14 December Declan O’Connor, ‘ A night at the pictures: a mix of images about Edenderry and Districts’