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Edenderry in times past, vol 28

Terence Walsh

If you visit Kilmainham Jail you will see a photo-booth where all new prisoners were photographed on admission to the Jail. This is an early 1872 photograph of Terence Walsh, Farmer of Carrick (Edenderry) described as “proportionate – a very able man”, 6ft, 2½ inches, dark brown hair, dark hazel eyes and fresh complexion and aged 28 years.
In the popular mind Kilmainham tends to be associated with Political Prisoners but it was a regular Jail having been opened in 1795 and its last occupant being Eamon de Valera in 1924.

Edenderry in times past, vol 27

Hubert Kelly:
No. 10 J.K.L. Street, up to the late 1950’s.
Hubert Kelly carried on business at
Shop stationery was often printed and supplied free to Retailers by well known brands which used it as an advertising medium.

Edenderry in times past, vol 26

Reid’s Edenderry The Shop premises had an overhead plaque stating it was built in 1825.
A family member, James Reid, was a professional photographer and his cine-camera and “stills” captured a lot of the social political and religious events of Edenderry and District up to 1960 and many of which were on public display on the outside of his Studio.Many Wedding, Confirmation and First Communion photographs were taken in that Studio.

Edenderry in times past, vol 25

Bernard Carroll
Bernard Carroll, former Town Commissioner, carried on a victualler business and general stores, as the “J.K.L. Stores” at No. 4 J.K.L. Street, which is now occupied by a Pet Shop.For many years it was Ronan’s Shop which had a mixed business including Bicycle Sales and Repair and light electrical and subsequently became better known from the early 1960’s as Edenderry’s First Music-Record Shop.

Pre-1921, the Local Sinn Fein Party had its office in part of the building.

Edenderry in times past, vol 24

Pat Larkin

Pat Larkin’s Bar (“The Central Bar”) was a well known Edenderry institution in O’Connell Square.It was also a Restaurant and had a Function Room. The Larkin Family relocated to the former O’Toole’s premises in J.K.L. Street and the original Larkin premises was subsequently owned by well known Offaly Footballer Paddy McCormack from the early 1970’s and subsequently in the 21st Century by another well known Offaly Footballer, Finbar Cullen.

Edenderry in times past, vol 23

Henry Byrne & Sons

Pattersons was believed to be the oldest business in Edenderry until the recent discovery of this copy receipt of Henry Byrne & Sons which states that the business was established in 1780.Members of the Byrne family were engaged in local politics in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. In the 1950’s, a family member, also Henry Byrne, was appointed Bishop of Iba in the Philippines.